Qilppothic Habitations

The Infernal Habitations

The Evil Averse Power beneath the Feet of the Four Cherubim.

Lilith---------The Ass---------Babel

Machaloth------The Ox----------Jonia


Rahab------Strange Beasts------Edom The Mercavah

In the Mercavah Vision of Ezekial it is written: 'And I looked and behold a Whirlwind came out of the North, a great Cloud, and a Fire enfolding itself and a Splendour on every side, and Hashmal the Brilliance of the innermost flame in the midst of the Fire.'

These are from Cherubic expressions of Force and the Evil and Qliphothic Powers broken beneath their feet are: 'Rahab', whose symbol is a terrible demon leaping upon an Ox; 'Machaloth', a form compounded of a serpent scorpion; and 'Lilith', a woman outwardly beautiful but inwardly corrupt and putrefying, riding upon a strange and terrible beast. To these four (Babel, Jonia, Media, Edom) are attributed four Kingdoms.