The Death Tree

The uppermost aspect of the Qliphoth is that of Shahul, the hell of the Supernals, or the Triple Hell. Two Kings jointly reign over the first hell, and they are Satan and Moloch. The Third aspect of this unholy trinity is frequently misinterpreted as Lilith, the demon Queen of Gamaliel. The correct interpretation is that of "Devil". Satan and Moloch are both "devils" respectively, but the true and only unnameable "devil" does not have a common name, as is the case with its counterpart, God. Satan and Moloch both sit on the opposing shoulders of the "Devil", constantly bickering and battling with one another.

Satan is a fallen angel, the prince of evil and the enemy of God. He is frequently equated with Samael, which is mistaken assumption, based on biblical misinterpretation. Samael may be associated with Azrael, the angel of death; but most approporiately, is designated as an angel of severity, the Archangel of Geburah (The Fifth Sephiroth on the Tree of Life) in the world of Briah. Samael is not a demon, nor a fallen angel.

Moloch is also a fallen angel, and the Canaanite god of fire, to whom children were sacrificed in ancient times.

The Second hell of Shahul is ruled over Beelzebub, the "commander oin Chief" of all demons, also known as the Lord of Chaos and the Lord of flies.

The Demon King of the third hell of Supernals is Lucifuge Rofacale, whose evocation is detailed in the controversial "Grand Grimoire", which was unquestionably based on either "The Key of Solomon", or a variation known as "The Grand Key" or "The True Clavicles". This Demon is the prime minister of the infernal regions. He is mistakenly equated with Lucifer, the Herald Star, another fallen angel; as well, he is sometimes mistakenly equated with Focalor, a Goatic Demon. He is properly associated with Belial, another Goetic demon, who was created next after Lucifer, and "who entered a certain image..."

The fourth hell, or Abaddon, is ruled over by Astaroth, the Goetic demon. this demon was apparently depicted as a Duke at the time of the "Goetia's" writing, but has since attained the title King, advancing greatly in office. Astaroth is also properly equated with Astarte, a fallen angel.

The fifth hell is ruled over by Asmodeus.He is often mistakenly depicted as being the son of Samael, when actually he is Samael the black, who should not be confused with the angel Samael. (Confusing an't it?)

The sixth hell is ruled over by Belphegor, the Lord of opening.

The seventh hell is ruled by Beal.

The eighth hell is ruled by Adramelech, the King of Fire.

The demon queens of ninth and tenth hells, collectively known as Giyehanim, are Lilith and Nahema. Lilith was the first woman before Eve, who later became the bride of Satan, and the Demoness of Debauchery. She is equated with a large variety of female demons, and is also the mother of many demons. Nahema is the Demoness of Impurity, and the mortal mother of the demon king Asmodeus, whose father was Ashamdon, a Yezidic Archangel.